Hello! I’m very happy to be back and announce the biggest news of this version. The custom email template!

By default, Moodle has a simple, functional, but ugly e-mail template. It does, however, meet its purpose. This template is used to send forum messages to users via email. I am not sure about the other areas using this template.

Moodle’s default email template

Luckily, beautiful as open source is, we should have a lot of people helping growing Moodle and its plugins around the world. 🙂

David Bogner sent a Pull Request with a very, very good idea changing this email template and now, what was a bit ugly can be a fancy model.

New Moove forum email template

You can see the new Moove forum email template above. Now, the users can receive a custom and beautiful message. This is an optional feature and you can enable and disable it using the theme settings page.

Besides the setting of enable/disable the template, you can add a custom header and footer to the email template.

In addition I’ve worked out to fix some issues:

#51 – Progress bar ignores Label Modules

#19 – ”Gradebook > Simple view” — width of the menu of blocks 100%

Please let me know if you liked this news and feel free to send me ideas and suggestions

Bye bye.